Durex InSync

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Client: Durex

Agency: Havas London

Durex’s Insync campaign proved to be a great success harnessing the full power of social networking. The campaign was designed for a new product that helped increase the females pleasure but helped slowed down the male, a dj being a great analogy. We designed a game as a facebook app where you could invite your partner or your friends to play against you. There were various games around the theme of trying to match each others speed. The faster you acheived this the more Insync you were.

Battle LA

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Client: Sony Pictures

Agency: Spinnaker Direct

Spinnaker asked me to design and build the YouTube home page takeover for the feature film Battle: Los Angeles. The concept was to increase the glitch effects on the page nearer to the launch date and on the lauch day the page would be destroyed by the alien invasion. The site received a huge amount of traffic topping the most unique page visits for a branded YouTube channel.


Data Visualisation

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Client: Philips
Agency: Rapp

Philips had a whole load of data they had collected from surveys they had conducted from around the globe. Rapp wanted to show this data in a literal way and make it as interactive as possible. I was called in after the concepting phase to design the look and feel, design the animations and build it. The whole project was built using MVC principles for future scalability and modular design. The healthy start animation uses Box2d physics engine so that the cells can bounce around within the petri dish, it also allows you to manipulate and play with them by chucking them around and into each other.

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Futures Company

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Client: The Futures Company
Agency: VML

The Futures Company wanted to explain what they do. Which is fairly difficult for a company that predicts the future, deals in the abstract and offers tailored solutions to clients. The solution, after various concepting phases, was to illustrate this in a video, balancing creativity, information and tone of voice.



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Client: Warner Bros
Agency: Bauer

To promote the new Warner Bros game ‘Fear 3′ I concepted, designed and built this MPU banner of a beating heart. Bauer specified it needed to work as a sequential ad so the more times you see the ad or the more times you touch over it with the mouse the faster the heart beats and the heavier the breathing gets.

Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 18.04.43


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Client: Rimmel
Agency: VML

Whilst at VML, to support our pitch submission to Rimmel, I created a quick video demonstrating our idea. It was quite a technically challenging brief as the designs had hundreds of photos that needed to be animated but, with a little help from After Effects’ expressions, I managed to animate hundreds of photos in a 3D space and bring a 2D design to life.



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Client: Matter
Agency: OPX

A website for London superclub “Matter”. Getting to the Dome was a problem, so OPX got me in to build a travel section to demonstrate the various means of transport available. The map was built and animated using AS3 and then integrated into the website with Javascript.



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Client: Modelscape

Modelscape design and build interactive and non-interactive installations within a wide variety of sectors including Architecture, Museums and House Building. I created a new brand identity and website to showcase their creativity.