Art Direction

Durex InSync

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Client: Durex

Agency: Havas London

Durex’s Insync campaign proved to be a great success harnessing the full power of social networking. The campaign was designed for a new product that helped increase the females pleasure but helped slowed down the male, a dj being a great analogy. We designed a game as a facebook app where you could invite your partner or your friends to play against you. There were various games around the theme of trying to match each others speed. The faster you acheived this the more Insync you were.

BBC Augumented Reality

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Client: BBC

Agency: VML London

The BBC introduced the new version of the iPlayer in September 2010, which allows users to link the platform to their social networks. The BBC approached VML to designed an augumented reality experience to launch with an intergrated marketing campaign by  RKCR/Y&R. We wanted to allow users to virtually interact with the player to discover new programmes, list favourites and share the experience with friends. Users can also interact with the comedian Rufus Hound as part of the experience. I worked closely with the concepting team to design and shape the interactive experiences, as well as leading the production of the build and the creation of the video assets.

The Smurfs

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Client: Sony Pictures

Agency: Spinnaker Direct

The Smurfs in 3D featured on MSN’s homepage as a fullscreen page takeover. Smurfs has a huge fan base and so to attract them and new viewers I designed and built an animated smurf that runs around the page bumping into to page elements and then gets inside the MPU. When the user clicks the MPU, the page slides down to reveal the trailer and additional content.

Battle LA

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Client: Sony Pictures

Agency: Spinnaker Direct

Spinnaker asked me to design and build the YouTube home page takeover for the feature film Battle: Los Angeles. The concept was to increase the glitch effects on the page nearer to the launch date and on the lauch day the page would be destroyed by the alien invasion. The site received a huge amount of traffic topping the most unique page visits for a branded YouTube channel.


Skin Love

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Client: Ella Bache

Agency: Host

Host wanted to take Ella Bache’s skin diagnosis online, providing users a free consultation where they could then build a custom program designed to suit their skin. I was drafted in to art direct the site.

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Data Visualisation

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Client: Philips
Agency: Rapp

Philips had a whole load of data they had collected from surveys they had conducted from around the globe. Rapp wanted to show this data in a literal way and make it as interactive as possible. I was called in after the concepting phase to design the look and feel, design the animations and build it. The whole project was built using MVC principles for future scalability and modular design. The healthy start animation uses Box2d physics engine so that the cells can bounce around within the petri dish, it also allows you to manipulate and play with them by chucking them around and into each other.

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VML Showreel

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Client: VML

Creating a showreel for your company is a very similar experience to building your own portfolio. In both you want the work to shine and be presented at its very best. Luckily I had a lot of great work to showcase so was not short on material. To present VML as a dynamic, exciting digital company I created a whistle stop tour of the work with fly-through transitions cleverly linking you from one piece to another.


Brisbane Heat

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Client: Brisbane Heat
Agency: Pusher Sydney

Brisbane Heat wanted to refresh this years marketing collateral, they wanted fire and dramatic effects. I created a series of posters and flyers along with the online material to promote this year’s season. The process envolved deep etching the players, grading them and then stylising them with the graphic splashes and textures.


Futures Company

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Client: The Futures Company
Agency: VML

The Futures Company wanted to explain what they do. Which is fairly difficult for a company that predicts the future, deals in the abstract and offers tailored solutions to clients. The solution, after various concepting phases, was to illustrate this in a video, balancing creativity, information and tone of voice.



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Client: Warner Bros
Agency: Bauer

To promote the new Warner Bros game ‘Fear 3′ I concepted, designed and built this MPU banner of a beating heart. Bauer specified it needed to work as a sequential ad so the more times you see the ad or the more times you touch over it with the mouse the faster the heart beats and the heavier the breathing gets.