GE Innovation Center

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Client: General Electric
Agency: Imagination Sydney

How do you change the habits of a nation? GE built a centre in Dharhan in Saudi Arabia to educate their leaders about how to prepare for when the oil runs dry. 12 interactive touchtables with 4 supporting screens would then give insights about GE’s offerings.

The Smurfs

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Client: Sony Pictures

Agency: Spinnaker Direct

The Smurfs in 3D featured on MSN’s homepage as a fullscreen page takeover. Smurfs has a huge fan base and so to attract them and new viewers I designed and built an animated smurf that runs around the page bumping into to page elements and then gets inside the MPU. When the user clicks the MPU, the page slides down to reveal the trailer and additional content.


Futures Company

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Client: The Futures Company
Agency: VML

The Futures Company wanted to explain what they do. Which is fairly difficult for a company that predicts the future, deals in the abstract and offers tailored solutions to clients. The solution, after various concepting phases, was to illustrate this in a video, balancing creativity, information and tone of voice.



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Client: Warner Bros
Agency: Bauer

To promote the new Warner Bros game ‘Fear 3′ I concepted, designed and built this MPU banner of a beating heart. Bauer specified it needed to work as a sequential ad so the more times you see the ad or the more times you touch over it with the mouse the faster the heart beats and the heavier the breathing gets.


Business Intelligence

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Client: Microsoft
Agency: VML

Lovely rich media banner for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence a product to enhance office productivity.


Zaha Hadid

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Client: Personal

This is series of interesting animation experiments. My starting point was several of Zaha Hadid’s conceptual paintings for her buildings. I loved the fact that she used the medium of painting to express and form her ideas. Later, these evolve into some of the world’s most exciting and distinctive modern architecture.


Bang Goes the Theory

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Client: BBC

These banners, which won Flash Talking’s Campaign of the Month Award, raised awareness for the popular BBC 1 show. The spinning man was built and animated in 3D. I brought it to life in After Effects by creating the scene, adding lighting and reflections. Then I designed and created the animation style and built the ads for Flash Talking. A results database was incorporated to store the results of the experiment. The ads did extremely well, with an engagement rate of 32%.



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Client: Microsoft

Agency: VML London

Showreel showcasing Microsoft’s very successful Freebuddy campaign. A game where MSN users had to find clues over the internet to help free buddy.