GE Innovation Center

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Client: General Electric
Agency: Imagination Sydney

How do you change the habits of a nation? GE built a centre in Dharhan in Saudi Arabia to educate their leaders about how to prepare for when the oil runs dry. 12 interactive touchtables with 4 supporting screens would then give insights about GE’s offerings.


Health Hub

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Client: Reckitt Benckiser

Agency: Ward 6

Health Hub is a online learning resource for health professionals and pharmacists. Reckitt Benckiser the company who own brands such as Nurofen and Gaviscon wanted to consolidate all of their resources into one central place. I helped the developers at Ward 6  build the front end of this large scale build in tight time frame. The site was split into to several modules about each product. These modules would provide information about the correct usage of the products and then test the users with the use of games or quizzes. There were also nice javascript touches including animated graphs, drag and drop games and interactive flow charts.

As part of the launch I created a 3d map and pin for an A4 poster in Cinema 4d.



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Client: Warner Bros
Agency: Bauer

To promote the new Warner Bros game ‘Fear 3′ I concepted, designed and built this MPU banner of a beating heart. Bauer specified it needed to work as a sequential ad so the more times you see the ad or the more times you touch over it with the mouse the faster the heart beats and the heavier the breathing gets.