As part of the digital campaign I was asked by VCCP to design and build  7 creative ideas in 4 or more different formats. Below is a selection of the banners ads built in AS3 for maximum performance and ease of scalability.

Ice Cream

This creative features lots of tasty treats being sprinkled liberally onto the ice cream to demonstrate O2's generosity. Particle effects and clever code reduced file sizes yet enhanced the animation. Click to view


The moon creative sold the benefit that O2 customers could call or text anyone on O2 for free. The fawn man would follow the messaging on the moons as they would spin round. Particles were used to enhance the night sky. Click to view


The cycling creative features the hero, a half man half fawn with his girlfriend taking a leisurely cycle ride through the countryside. the messaging is displayed on various sign posts they pass. All of the key elements were animated and a parallax movement added to create realism. Click to view

Cable Car

As the cable car ascends the mountain messaging is embedded on the mountain side revealing the benefits of O2. A stuttering motion was applied to the cable car to make it feel more realistic and clouds were created dynamically to save file size. Click to view