IBM Datagrams

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IBM – Datagrams from Buck on Vimeo.

Lovely collection of “datagrams” created for IBM and the US Open.

One of the first B2B brands to explore the use of Instagram’s new video import capabilities since its launch in August 2013, IBM recognized an opportunity to provide fans with insights by bringing together live data and video to enhance the experience of viewing the US Open, which led to the creation of IBM Datagrams. IBM, Ogilvy & Mather and the production company Buck created the video animations using live data from the tournament to give Instagram users behind-the-scenes insights of the matches and the players.

Wish List

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An awesome animation directed and animated by UK based Andrew Griffin (aka GRIFF) with illustrations from Scott Garrett. Clever, funny and beautifully drawn and animated.

Kia Forte Techathlete Games

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The Kia Forte Techathlete Games: a tongue-in-cheek test of tech talent where players compete in a series of games to prove that they’re worthy of the futuristic Forte.

There are five games in total: Type-Wondo, Gymnas-Clicks, 100m Headles, Sla-La-La-Lom, and Gy-Row-Scope. Each game requires the player to master a different piece of tech equipment (the webcam, the mic, the smartphone, the keyboard and the mouse) and highlights a different feature of the Forte, drawing attention to its many cutting-edge gadgets and state-of-the-art gizmos.

To play, visit

Adidas Nitro Charge

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Fantastic video based interface and game for Adidas’ new boots NitroCharge. Video, interface and effects work seamlessly to offer a great experience. The game element allows you to connect with your phone to act as a controller device.


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Shipwire wanted to solve the problem of logistics and shipping for an ecommerce world. It created a way to make it easy for growing companies to ship products anywhere around the world. Teehan + Lax created a lovely site and promotional video to market this great idea.

Into the Arctic

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In recent years the Arctic has increasingly come under pressure from oil companies seeking to exploit oil and gas believed to exist in the ground. But drilling in the treacherous ice-filled waters of the Arctic Ocean is not safe. An oil spill is deemed impossible to clean up and will have devastating consequences for wildlife, the regions environment and the people living here.
Greenpeace are embarking on a number of expeditions to the Arctic, to prevent this from happening. The site acts as a digital logbook to document these expeditions – a campaign platform that documents the activities and provides users with dynamic updates and background knowledge, while encouraging them to take action and help spread the word.

Tapia Posters

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Tapia is a graphic designer, filmmaker & illustrator currently living and working in Viña del Mar, Chile. He has a really interesting style for portraits.